The Sicilian Defense

Monkeywerxus reaches similar conclusions to my own based on his observations of recent events:

Take a look at the amount of military in play in Washington DC for the inauguration.  There are multiple parameters set up, ID’s being checked to enter and exit the city, miles of razor wire and fencing, not to mention some 25,000 troops on the ground – “for an inauguration.”  Doesn’t add up, does it?  

Makes sense why Pelosi wants to make the event virtual and why Joe has canceled all of his rehearsals! Clearly, he doesn’t want people getting an advanced look at his security detail and I imagine he isn’t feeling warm and fuzzy about all of this. They certainly seem to be very nervous, but why should they be? They have this whole thing in the bag, right? Not so fast. 

Folks, what we are about to witness is the greatest military event since D-Day and Normandy Beach in WW2. NOTHING can stop what is coming. No doubt, blood will be shed. Please pray for our President, our Troops, confusion in the camp of the enemy, and for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  

What I would expect over the next several days based on the above drop – an EBS from POTUS and then likely an internet and media blackout with a short-term lockdown for our safety.  

For God and Country. 

One final thing, do not get caught up in the hype of this whole Chinese invasion at our borders. It is disinfo. Trump and our military would be acting completely different if this were taking place and our military air traffic does not support this information. 

The Chinese Invasion theory is so obviously ridiculous that I haven’t even seen fit to mention it. It’s actually dumber than the idea that Japan was going to invade the West Coast in 1941. First, China doesn’t have the naval transport capability to invade Taiwan across the Formosa Strait, which is only 130km wide at its narrowest point, so it certainly doesn’t have the ability to invade the continental USA across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Second, the 5GW that the Chinese have been waging against the United States as laid out in Unrestricted Warfare specifically precludes this sort of military action that plays to the enemy’s natural advantages. It’s entirely contrary to Chinese military theory; it’s only virtue would be that of complete and utter surprise due to the very high probability of complete failure combined with 100-percent casualties.

UPDATE: Quelle surprise! The rehearsal for the Biden inauguration on Wednesday was cancelled again today. How on Earth did we know that was going to happen?