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One 8kun anon’s interpretation, courtesy of NeonRevolt. Could be a LARP, could be real. Either way, it merits a little contemplation of the subject in light of the recent news out of the UK.

72hr+-_yes  Within 72 hours we are go

|JA[_confirm route > Tunnel_2x84  Julian Assange travel – comms tunnel in

OPERATOR_1010 > COMMAND  1010 has the call

CENTCOM_ONLINE comms directed by central command

TRAFFIC.REROUTE > CONFIRM_RANGE6_+ Planefags needed here to watch for traffic clearances coming soon

TX.RX_500MBs+_yes Radio Systems moving 500 megabytes of data

REDl_clear RED1 completed Q4414

RED2_clear RED2 completed Q4414

RED3_clear RED3 completed Q4414

RED4_clear RED4 completed 04414

RED5_clear RED5 completed Q4414

RED6_active_yes RED6 in-process Q4414

[ACCESS_CASTLE] Leadership now In the White House

PREP+_> WITSEC Preparations for POTUS > Witness Secunty

JBTEC_yes Land at Joint Ballistic Missile Defense Training and Education Center in Colorado Springs.

PERSONS_3 3 travelling

PREP_FOR_TD Prepare for touchdown. (arrival? apprehension?)

IMMEDIATE_13959 immediate institution of EO 13959 – Addressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies

STAGE SET = TRUE Stage Outside the White House for major address

For those who claim that Q is always wrong and that nothing is happening, note that this is what has already happened. So, applying my guideline that the utility of any model lies in the accuracy of its predictive capabilities, what supposedly comes next that we can use to confirm or deny these interpretations?

  • Communications blackout through whatever Range7 is.
  • All air travel though Range6 is blocked. This appears to include US and UK.
  • Events taking place in China related to 3 Gorges Dam, Wuhan Labs, and Tiananmen Square
  • Public events will kick off on Tuesday, not Wednesday
  • All public communications are secured.
  • Contingency government established.
  • Declassification of the activities of FBI Director Wray and CIA Director Haspel.
This will all sound crazy to the committed skeptic, to be sure. But then, I note that in addition to 25k+ troops occupying the nation’s capital and VP Pence speaking to the specified military unit yesterday, we’re also seeing temporary blackouts all over the world that appear to be test runs, including one at a very structural level that rendered the UATV and SG servers inaccessible for a little while yesterday. And this morning, the UK implemented new Covid-related travel restrictions that cut the capacity for air travel between the US and the UK by 85 percent and requires both quarantining and facial recognition of all international travellers.

Covid collapse in air travel between US and UK will cost economy £11bn this year as business leaders call for airbridge between London and New York. Capacity of trans-Atlantic flights this month is down 85 per cent from last year…. The new rules came into force at 4am with all air corridors scrapped and every arrival facing 10 days quarantine or five days if they have another’s test and produce a negative result. It came as all travellers into the UK face being forced to stay in hotels under plans to further lock down Britain’s borders from today until February 15 amid calls for enforced quarantine.

The media, on the other hand, expects President Trump to issue a few pardons and fly off to Florida.

The outgoing president is due to hold a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland, on the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration. He will then depart the nation’s capital on Air Force One and head to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida before his successor is sworn in. 

Both narratives can’t be correct, so we’ll find out soon enough. In any event, you might want to avoid any unnecessary travel in the next three days. Just in case….