There is nothing good about the Hellmouth

 Even that which appears to be harmless is just a trap for the innocent unwary. CDAN reveals a blind item:

He would sucker you in with the shows and the wholesome image, but it was the movies that he showed his true vision. He was A+ list and was a director and a head of a studio and a behind the scenes performer. With his television shows, he made parents feel it was safe to take kids to see his movies, even when they seemed like they might be too much. There is a prequel streaming right now of one of his biggest visions. He made a movie decades ago that encompassed everything he believed and always thought if he could get kids to watch it, that he could somehow control them. The movie was essentially about mind control, rituals and blood sacrifice disguised as a children’s movie. He said he wanted to make those kinds of movies so kids would get used to those ideas and think of them as normal later in life. 

Jim Henson/Dark Crystal/Labyrinth

Don’t be fooled. Muppets, Sesame Street, Disney, Pixar, it’s all evil.