The coming river-crossing

 AC summarizes the recent Byrne interview, which is full of explosive details that may or may not be accurate:

Patrick Bryne does an interview and it was pretty much a bombshell interview. It is a two hour interview, but I have summarized all the salient points here. Again, it is Patrick Bryne, who I feel is likely a spook reading lines from a script, but these lines may be from Q’s and Trump’s script, so it is no less important. First he says they have full electronic tracking of proven fraud, and as one example, he says they have 100{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} evidence showing a Dominion Machine in a voting center had a wireless access card installed which was connecting to a smart thermostat in the building to jump on the internet where it was connecting to a computer located in a building in a city in China where state officials for that swing state had major connections to a Chinese company. He says they have an entire binder four inches thick filled with data and hard evidence of incidents like that.

Second he says the upper level staff under Trump are trying to thwart him, and in the meeting with the President and Flynn, Trump’s own White House legal staff would deny that something Trump wanted could be done, and then they would have to pow-wow to come up with a reason why it couldn’t be done. He also said they have cut off President Trump from his allies, refusing to let everyone from Sidney Powell to Mike Lindell get access to him. He said Trump ordered Sidney Powell be named a Special Prosecutor and given a TSCI clearance, and for his staff to give her whatever she needs, and now the staff won’t even let him know she is trying to meet with him or make contact. He says he has never seen anything like it. It was very reminiscent of Reagan ordering an attack on Iran, twice, only to see nothing happen.

He says there are two more stories about the fraud he has not told, one which is massively bigger than the thermostat story and blows it away, and another which he called the MOAB of all stories, from which there is no coming back. He basically said they will be released at the right time….

The interviewer asks Bryne about the idea Pence is legally required to reject slates of electors with questionable certifications, and Bryne made an amused smile, and tilted his head in a way which said, he felt the guys proposing it had their hearts in the right place, but that wasn’t how this was going to play out, and they were spinning their wheels for no reason. It implied he knows the plan, and that is not it. He then made comments to the effect that this wasn’t about Trump winning now – it was about exposing the election fraud in a way that it could be fixed, and prevented from ever becoming as corrupted again. He also seemed to think this will be over by Jan 6th.

This has obviously never been about Trump winning a second term. That’s just a very small, but necessary element of the primary objectives to protect the US Constitution, restore free and fair elections, and remove the evil actors. Read the whole summary there.

Speaking of swampy and disloyal White House staffers, the New York Times reports a potentially informative communications anomaly.

On Tuesday, White House officials sent an email to staff members about departure procedures before a new administration begins Jan. 20.

On Wednesday, a new email: “Please disregard the below message. Updated information will be shared in the coming days.”