This isn’t that hard

Please note that the comments here are moderated. If you post your comment twice because you are concerned that your Very Important Comment might not have gone through when it fails to appear immediately, both of them will be deleted. If you post the same comment three or more times, all of them will be spammed, which significantly decreases the possibility that you will ever be able to successfully comment here.

Please also note that I don’t care in the slightest if you think this policy is unfair and that I am not interested in being informed about whether you knew the comments were moderated or not when you posted your Very Important Comment six times in a row. This blog has been here for more than 17 years. Its existence does not depend upon those who first starting visiting it in the last six months. It neither requires nor desires your Very Important Comments. The comments are provided as a courtesy to the regular readers who requested them many years ago, but neither they nor I are particularly interested in the opinions of newcomers or passers-by.

You may also wish to note that everyone here has the same access to Twitter, the Associated Press, and the Drudge Report that you do. Before you post any very exciting news that you have uncovered through your diligent digging through these obscure Internet sites that no one else has ever seen before, it may behoove you to a) look over the posts from the past 2-3 days and b) read the most recent comments before posting your Very Exciting Breaking News. The fact that I have not posted about something should never be confused with the idea that I have not heard about it; as it happens, I don’t post about the vast majority of things that happen around the world.