CodeMonkeyZ contemplates the river-crossing

This Twitter thread strikes me as a repetition of what has been obvious for over a month, but since I am told what I consider obvious is often considered nothing of the sort, I’ll post it here.

Trump is about to make the biggest decision of his presidency. Let me explain.

Julius Caesar was enormously popular and commanding an army of fiercely loyal soldiers. The Roman swamp wanted nothing to do with him and in January 49BC the Roman Senate ordered Julius Caesar to disband his army and return home or become an “Enemy of the State”. Julius Caesar, with the popular support of the Roman populace, and the loyalty of the military, marched his army over the Rubicon river in the North of Italy and became a LEGEND in history.

Donald Trump is enormously popular and commanding an army of fiercely loyal soldiers. The US swamp wants nothing to do with him. Election infrastructure was allegedly attacked and he now has his back to the wall. The courts have failed him. His own political party has failed him.

Trump still has immensely popular support within the US populace, and the fierce loyalty of the military. Trump has EO13848 which allows him to take drastic measures and could potentially be used to restore the Republic.

Does Trump utilize EO13848 and become a LEGEND in history?


Does Trump submit his family to the mercy of the incoming administration who will be hellbent on making an example of them?

I don’t know if CodeMonkeyZ knows something in particular or just enjoys explaining the historical analogy on an audience that is unfamiliar with it, but I am not aware of any reason that President Trump needs to do anything until the middle of next month. That being said, #crosstherubicon has been the #1 trending hashtag on SG2 since early November. It’s what Americans want him to do. No, it’s more than that, it’s what Americans are demanding, in light of the unprecedented electoral fraud.

Anyhow, the only opinion that matters is President Trump’s. He has stated, repeatedly and clearly, that he will do his duty to the country and the Constitution. And perhaps more importantly, he has shown absolutely no sign of bowing before the manufactured social pressure of the corrupted institutions.