How Dominion disguised the fraud

It’s appears to be obvious why the Michigan judge is attempting to lock down the information being gathered from the voting machines in Antrim County.

CDMedia has been informed by sources close to the investigation that cyber teams which examined Dominion Voting Systems machines in Antrim County, Michigan last weekend have found concrete proof of massive cyber election fraud.

There is more coming on this story but essentially fake ballots in massive amounts were counted and ‘approved’ in Europe, in either Spain or Germany.

The examination was ordered by a local judge. The Michigan Secretary of State has intervened in the case to prevent the examination results from being released.

CDMedia has learned the error rate for ballot verification was set to 1000s of times the legal rate. Then, fake ballots were sent over the internet for ‘adjudication’ in Europe, either Germany or Spain. The ‘adjudication’ was done in batches. “The evidence of fraud was not where we were looking,” said our source. “It was cleverly hidden in the error rate.”

If correct, this would explain the huge numbers of votes being inexplicably adjudicated in Georgia and Pennsylvania, as well as two dozen other states. It would also explain the Barcelona and Frankfurt connections.