Gammas feel the burn forever

Many readers here won’t even remember the name “cisbio”. He’s a gamma troll who was banned back in 2011 after his No True Atheist arguments were slapped down. Nine freaking years later, he’s back trying to take shots at me for having “run away” from the USA nearly 25 years in advance.

First of all, I had little choice considering the bio-nuclear conflagration that will consume every living creature in North America once the war between the US military and the aliens from the hidden fourth planet orbiting Alpha Centauri begins in late 2021 when the defeated Harris forces successfully convince the aliens to abandon their neutrality and provide them with advanced weapons technology…. wait, I’ve said too much… Never mind all that. How about that Supreme Court decision? Pretty lame, am I right?

Second, observe how insanely vengeful gammas are, and how long they will wait in silence to strike back at you in revenge for the public humiliation they suffered at your hands. No wonder women don’t want to allow gammas to get anywhere near them at any time. They instinctively grasp that merely smiling at a gamma could lead to literal decades of needing to be on their guard against the long-delayed gamma revenge attacks.

On a side note, there are a remarkable number of shills appearing in the comments today. I’d estimate 3x to 4x normal, most with Google accounts and names you won’t recognize as regulars despite the breezy sense of familiarity they exude. There are over 300 comments caught in the spam trap already and it’s not even 9 AM yet. So, be aware that most of the blackpilling and regretful acceptances of Trump’s defeat you’ll see is Paid Fake Comments. The mods have nuked the most overt stuff, but we’re leaving the more subtle stuff so you can learn to recognize it. 

Here’s an example from our friend “Peter”, whose comments I’m sure all of you will know and recognize from all of his many previous posts that you somehow can’t recall ever seeing.

Look guys.. Trump did his job and is now done. His personality flaws eventually over came his policies but you can take solice in that the political landscape has been changed forever. Out of everything that he did, the one thing most important is to present an example of what will work in the future (and what doesnt). Imagine a future candidate with the same policies but without the significant personality flaws. Dont shed a tear because what happened could not have been better.

And don’t worry about Biden.. he is a one term president by nature of his age, he is middle of the road and in some case more conservative on some issues that Trump. Four years as vp will not be enough to get Harris elected and there are several possible candidates for 2024.

It’s the “look guys” that amuses me. He’s just one of us. Just one of the guys. Hello, fellow guys!