It’s not the “Left” that hates Tolkien

It’s the anti-Christian Prometheans at Amazon who are attempting to degrade Middle Earth and turn it into Westeros with elves. Sexy, naked, gay elves:

It is obvious the left has it in for Tolkien and his work. This could not stop a major company like Amazon from wanting to profit off Tolkien’s hugely popular Legendarium.  

While Amazon is looking for a cash cow series, it appears pop culture is trying to defile Tolkien’s work from within, and what better way to undermine Tolkien’s message than to reimagine his stories in secular terms? From their point of view, it makes perfect sense to recreate the Second Age into a sexual paganist series to succeed “Game of Thrones.” 

The left is already cheering on the beginnings of the presumed assassination of Tolkien’s legacy. The leftist “NY Magazine” ran a story this week headlined, “Give Us the Horny Lord of the Rings Show We Deserve.” “Are we sure that an overwhelmingly erotic Middle Earth experience is such a bad thing,” read the article. “Make the elves get a little freaky. Allow the hobbits their fun. Give a new meaning to the inscription on the West-door of the Mines of Moria: Speak, friend, and enter.”

Ideology politics are dead. Idea wars are reserved for homogeneous societies, not multiracial, multiethnic, multireligious, war zones.  The culture wars are intrinsically interidentity, and anyone who is still babbling about Left and Right, or Liberal and Conservative, is simply demonstrating the extent to which they fail to understand their own reality.

Social Justice is Satan’s Justice.