The Demoralization Season

We’re rapidly approaching the week when the media will most heavily exaggerate the polls before having to dial them back on the final stretch into the election. Consider the polls from the week of October 19-24 and the reported lead for Hillary Clinton:

  • 10 CNBC
  • 12 Greenberg
  • 13 Associated Press
  • 10 USA Today
  • 12 ABC News
They appear to have started early this year in light of Creepy Joe’s feeble campaign. The more things change…

President Trump’s debate performance followed by his coronavirus diagnosis appear to be digging an even deeper hole for him this week. Democrat Joe Biden now has a 12-point lead over the president in Rasmussen Reports’ weekly White House Watch survey. The latest national telephone and online survey finds Biden leading President Trump 52{5c1a0fb425e4d1363f644252322efd648e1c42835b2836cd8f67071ddd0ad0e3} to 40{5c1a0fb425e4d1363f644252322efd648e1c42835b2836cd8f67071ddd0ad0e3} among Likely U.S. Voters.