The End of Holocaustianity

I don’t think David Cole demonstrates a very good grasp of basic human psychology in his article addressing the implications of the recent Schoen survey reporting that Millennials don’t know about the Holocaust, don’t care about the Holocaust, and are nearly as likely to blame the Jews for it as the National Socialist German Workers Party:

All the hand-wringing over the survey is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem. A half century of high-decibel Holocaust education hasn’t failed…it’s worked too well. Millennials hate Nazis with the passion of someone actually wronged by Nazis, which is ironic because no millennial has ever met an actual Nazi. Mind you, they think they have. According to the survey, 54{5274a41d3bd2aa3d5829764fe19e8a7ecbc79c108731aad5f1ff2d292e60e2b4} of millennials think the U.S. is crawling with “neo-Nazis.” Where’d they get that impression? Take a guess: from Jews who’ve misused the Holocaust to smear any white who displeases them as a “Nazi.” That 30{5274a41d3bd2aa3d5829764fe19e8a7ecbc79c108731aad5f1ff2d292e60e2b4} of millennials blame the Holocaust on America, FDR, and Jews shows just how well the propaganda has worked. White = Nazi, “full stop.” Sure those kids can’t name an actual concentration camp, but who cares? It was never about that. It was always about smearing non-Nazis as Nazis. It’s not about remembering the genuine Nazi menace of the past, but rather creating a phantom Nazi menace for the present.

To conservatives responding to the Schoen survey by mindlessly repeating, “We need more Holocaust education,” be careful what you wish for. I’d wager that, among American whites, there’s a direct correlation between receiving massive doses of Holocaust education in well-funded suburban schools, with yearly visits to Holocaust museums and in-class lectures by survivors, and a fanatical desire to punch Nazis, which in today’s political climate translates to “punch anyone on the right.” Or any Trump voter. Or any straight white male who doesn’t detest himself.

Holocaust education has always been weaponized. Jews will make a big deal about how appalling it is that millennials can’t name Ravensbrück, Oranienburg, or Gross-Rosen, but it’s insincere outrage. Holocaust ed has panned out exactly as planned. “Never again” is not about looking back, but looking straight ahead, stopping and stomping the present-day “enemies” of a hate-filled Jewish establishment that despises the West, its traditions, and anything white, Christian, or European in origin.

I wouldn’t say the program has panned out exactly as planned. To the contrary, it is observably going seriously awry, at least if one is to take it at face value. Incessant indoctrination results in one of four things. The stupid and the indifferent ignore it. The average resent it. The midwits embrace it as Gospel. The intelligent reject it. So, the more the Promethean professional victim class pushes their “we dindu nuffin” history of an ancient genocide that occurred for absolutely no reason at all, the more the younger generations will resent and reject the relentless historical propaganda of the last 50 years.

And then history will repeat itself. Again.