Don’t worry, Tommy

It’s cute that Thomas Friedman thinks he won’t be personally involved in the civil war he considers to be a possibility:

During an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman expressed his concern over what could happen in November if there were enough doubt about the outcome of the November 3 presidential election.

Friedman warned such a lack of confidence in the American election process could lead to a second civil war.

“I found it stunning and surprising,” Friedman said of President Donald Trump’s unwillingness to commit to accepting the possible outcome of election results. “Anderson, you know, I began my career as a journalist covering Lebanon’s second civil war and its history. And I’m terrified to find myself ending my career as a journalist covering America’s potential second civil war in its history.”

Friedman and other “journalists” will no doubt be surprised to discover that they won’t just be covering America’s Civil War 2.0. They’ll be considered enemy combatants: