The science behind LOL

Fake laughing utilized in a deprecatory manner is not just a reliable sign of gamma, but of the narcissism and heightened sensitivity that is typical of that socio-sexual class. AC explains, using Creepy Joe Biden’s response to Paul Ryan as an example:

Note how Biden is always desperate to project himself as strong and fit, challenging people to push-up contests, and talking about taking people behind the bleachers and beating them up, or standing up to Corn-Pop. He has probably got a trigger in there about being weak and impotent, and unable to defend himself, probably rooted in being teased as a child about his stutter.

This leads to a further note on deflection-laughing – my narcissist did this. He would even laugh louder and with a higher pitch, as if he thought it was even funnier, when confronted with even more clear, devastating, more verifiable criticism. The purpose would initially appear to be to present a mien of seeing the criticism as so minor he was laughing at it. But he did it in the face of rather devastating criticisms, and the more devastating the criticism, the louder and higher pitched the laughing. He would quickly transition from that deflection-laugh to anger if you continued the attack while dismissing his laughter as if you didn’t notice it.

I do not think he was just deflecting, though. He was unusually sensitive to laughter himself, so he may have been trying to use it as a weapon to assault his opponent. On several occasions, when he approached a group that was laughing, he would ask, almost in a cautious, and paranoid fashion, “What are you all laughing at?” As he did, he would look strangely braced, as if he assumed there was an answer he would not like, rather than looking amused, and like he wanted to join in. It was as if he assumed they were all laughing about something about him as he approached, and it was bothering him. I assumed he was laughed at as a child when being picked on and tortured by other kids, and it became a potent amygdala trigger in him.

Biden may be the same thing, as a stutterer. Kids may have made fun of his stutter when he was a child, and other kids laughed, and it became an amygdala trigger. Projecting now as an adult, as rabbits seem wont to do, he thinks it will hurt others the way it hurts him, and he now tries to employ it as not just a deflection, but a weapon as well, to hurt Ryan….

It is crazy to picture these retards all sitting around together making the sounds of laughter, even though they are miserable, just to try and hurt each other, but I think that is what would happen if you corralled a bunch of them together. It is how different from us they are.

I’ve seen small groups of gammas doing just that, with two or three of them fake-laughing at the others in an attempt to take control of the situation. Their instinctive fear of genuine laughter directed at them is such that they try to weaponize it for use against others. This use of fake laughter as a psychological weapon is why they are always LOLing and LMAOing and ROTFLMFAOing on the Internet, much to the complete bewilderment of psychologically secure men possessing higher socio-sexual status.

Gammas hate the success of others because observing the existence of the successful makes them feel inferior, even if, like Joe Biden, they have achieved a considerable amount of success themselves. But for the insecure, success is primarily a relative metric. That’s why gammas dedicate so much time and effort to completely pointless attempts to tear down those whose perceived success happens to trigger their amygdalas.