Mailvox: SSH utility

A reader finds the socio-sexual hierarchy to be of use:

Thanks for discussing the very real phenomenon of the socio-sexual hierarchy on your blog and Voxiversity. I’d seen it in the wild occasionally but was never been really aware of it until now. Now that I know, I can spot the gamma right off, especially on message boards.

I encountered one yesterday on Voat and realized I was reading a live specimen after his second preachy, nagging, know-it-all, condescending, and really bizarre wall of text. Not worth your time for me to summarize it — hell, I wasn’t even interested — but I found it fascinating to see how he reacted like an aggrieved porcupine when I said I wasn’t going to read his comments any further.

This will be a very useful tool for me.

I find it’s a particularly useful tool for the corporate world or anyone who has to run an organization.