The TrumpCure worketh

And apparently, the TrumpCure works even better if a megadose of Vitamin C is added for a TrumpCure+:

A physician in New York state claims he has used the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat 350 patients for COVID-19 with 100 percent success.

In a video posted on YouTube, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said he saw the symptom of shortness of breath resolved within four to six hours, the Gateway Pundit blog reported.

Zelenko, addressing his message to President Trump, said he’s a board-certified family practioner in the community of Kiryas Joel in Orange County, New York, in the Hudson Valley, about 50 miles north of New York City.

The bad guys must know the TrumpCure knocks out Corona-chan, because they’re trying very hard to shut it down and prevent the infected from being saved by it. These people are not only sick, they actively promote disease and death.