Mailvox: R U bored?

A Youtube commenter wonders if I find life to be boring:

Because of your understanding of human behavior, is life boring to you? Or have you lost your faith in humanity?

People are mostly boring to me. Their behavior is highly predictable, both on the micro and macro levels. I have no interest in what Suzy said about Jennifer or in learning that yet another alpha or gamma has offered additional evidence to support what I know to be his natural behavioral patterns. An Alpha cheated on his wife? Quelle surprise! A Gamma is depressed because his One True Love failed to return his affections? Color me shocked! A Delta’s wife thinks he works too hard and was wrongly passed over for promotion? Will wonders never cease!

But I have not lost my faith in humanity because my faith is it is not based on unpredictability or entertainment. My faith in humanity is continually refreshed by the small tokens of good faith, of loyalty, of generosity, and of self-sacrifice that I witness on a daily basis.

While people are boring, life is always intriguing. I wouldn’t be bored if I had 500 lives to live. Every day, I wish there were more hours because there are so many different things I would like to do, so many questions to answer, so many objectives to accomplish.

And I haven’t even begun to write what I anticipate will be my magnum opus. AODAL is merely the warmup.