Oprah for men

Roosh explains why Dr. Jordan Peterson has sold whatever shattered fragments remain of his tortured soul:

Why has Jordan Peterson betrayed his red pilled audience? Peterson signed with the LA-based media agency CAA and had an informal screen test with Dr. Oz and Oz’s producers. This coincided with the planned  Kavanaugh tweet to give him a patina of moderation and separate him from the alt-right, ultimately making him more palatable to TV advertisers. The end goal is to voluntarily neuter him by giving him a massive paycheck and daily show talking about diet, relationships, and family like Dr. Phil.

I suspect the Weinstein brothers were heavily involved in making the initial contacts meetings, but the CAA media agency in LA is pushing this hard as well. They have a comprehensive plan to accomplish it. No idea if Jordan Peterson is enthusiastic about participating but I fear he has already made up his mind. Just look at the social responsibility page of CAA; it’s just absolutely littered with all the specific woke SJW nonsense Peterson specifically said never to associate with. He’s destroying, I mean destroying his brand. This was the cornerstone of his brand, now he’s about to cash in with CAA.

The only problem with this theory is that it assumes Peterson didn’t gladly sell his soul already. And he did; he is content manufactured by a Canadian television impresario who was on the lookout for someone he could market. CAA is just the call-up to the big leagues, nothing more. The goal is to create an Oprah for men, less because a male Oprah will further weaken a generation of spineless American men and render them more compliant, but because a male Oprah will make a lot of money for an industry that is literally under siege from every side.