Mailvox: suspicions of jealousy

Stanley is convinced that I simply MUST be jealous of Jordan Peterson:

You say you’re not jealous of Peterson, but somehow I suspect you are, whether consciously or not. The whole ‘St. Jordan Peterson’ thing raises those suspicions. He never pitched himself as a saint. If yourself or others began to picture him like that and have now become disappointed that he’s merely human, that’s your own failing. He is, however in my opinion a great man doing his best to steer humanity in a positive direction as we all should. 

It’s really remarkable how all of Peterson’s fans are incoherent too. It’s as if the incoherence and illogic is infectious. What these lunatics never seem to grasp is that all their nonsensical accusations accomplish is to inform us of their own emotional predilections.

However, the truth about Jordanetics is penetrating some Jordantologist skulls:

I wish I would have tapped into you before I tapped out $400 for tickets to go see Peterson, upcoming on Nov. 21st. I “worshiped” this guy. Now I feel like a fool. I will not go sit in that front row seat. It will be empty.

That’s the thing about Jordanetics. Once you see through him, you can’t unsee it. But dude, just sell the ticket.. the greater fools are out there, guaranteed.