Darkstream: Jordan Peterson sells out America

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

I warned you about Jordan Peterson. A lot of people were unhappy when I first came out and pointed out that Jordan Peterson is not a good guy, that Jordan Peterson is not on our side, that Jordan Peterson is not an enemy of the SJWs, and that he is not someone who’s good for the Right. Now, the thing is, either you stand for what is right or what you don’t, and when Jordan Peterson came out today against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and explicitly came out and said that if Kavanaugh is confirmed  -which he will be, by the way, in case you haven’t heard,  two of the four maybe votes in the Senate have come out openly and confirmed that they are going to support Kavanaugh’s confirmation and more significantly one of them is actually the West Virginia Democrat – so you know,  for years Jordan Peterson has said he’s terrified of making the mistake that is going to ruin his career.

Now I don’t know if this is actually sufficient to sink his career or not, but it should be,  because this makes very clear that Jordan Peterson is in league with the SJWs. Jordan Peterson is, in American terms, a Democrat and there’s absolutely no question that the intellectual dark web, the Ben Shapiros the Eric Weinsteins, the recycled New Atheist known as Sam Harris, and Jordan Peterson himself, are all on the side of the Left. This is not a surprise, I mean,  I’ve been telling you guys this for ages. I knew that he was not a good guy, that he was not on our side, that he was part of the problem rather than part of the solution from the time I read his book. There are so many people who say such incredibly dumb things about Peterson because they happen to like one thing that he said, they happen to like two things that he said. Here’s the thing you can always find something that somebody says that you agree with. That doesn’t mean that their objectives are aligned with yours