Darkstream: Linux converged

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

So as you’re probably aware if you read the blog or if you pay attention to the technology, Linux has been converged in a way that nobody really saw coming. For years, Linux has been protected by the benevolent dictatorship of Linus Torvalds, unfortunately, he came under some heavy pressure. Nobody knows exactly what it’s related to,  but it it looks like there was a New Yorker piece that was focused on him and was essentially calling into question his less-than-polite behavior while contrasting that with his one-and-a-half million dollar annual salary that was paid for largely by corporations that you can expect to take exception to that sort of thing. And so because of that, the SJW cancer that is known as Coraline managed to infest Linux with its code of conduct.

This is something that has been used to attack all kinds of open source projects in the past few years and it’s a very serious threat because it is functionally destroying open source as we know it. You know what codes of conduct are used for, they’re used to target people, target developers that otherwise are considered to be irreplaceable, and they’re used to throw them out. Now a lot of you are familiar with my book SJWs Always Lie, a lot of you probably recognize this, it’s been a bestseller, it’s sold tens of thousands of copies, and it is very useful for understanding what a SJW attack looks like, what it’s going to consist of etc etc, but this is primarily focused on individuals. A lot fewer people are familiar with the sequel, it’s called SJWs Always Double Down and this is much more focused on organizations. I highly recommend that if you work for a company, or if you are involved in a large organization, or if you work in an open source project that you read this book because I specifically warned, and go into some detail about,  codes of conduct.

I go into what I call the Organizational Convergence Sequence and this is what this is exactly what we’ve seen. Stage One infiltration, Stage Two reinforcement, Stage Three seize the high ground and that’s what we’ve seen, the Linux Foundation is largely under the control of SJWs. Stage Four push for inclusivity,  we’ve seen that. Stage Five target the dissidents, Linux is targeting the dissidents, they targeted Linus Torvalds and they have just targeted Ted Ts’o, I believe. It is Stage Six expel the infidels, that’s what they’re in the process of doing now.