The ape can read Nietszsche

And 2VS can read SJWs Always Lie. But observably, neither of them are capable of actually grasping what they’ve read.

ComicArtistPro Secrets@EthanVanSciver

ComicsGate…behave yourselves.

Stay happy and positive and avoid conflict with people who want to defame you.

This movement is in your hands, not theirs.

I know what they say can feel unjust, but they’re scared.

History will sort all of this out in your favor.


2VS is now just cringing and cowering and trying to show the media SJWs that he’s a nice boy because he finally realized that the NPR piece was not only aimed at Chuck Dixon and me, but also at the “paid provocateur” who is the Kaiser of the ComicsGateNaziHaters. But it’s not going to work. Especially since this was him just three weeks ago.

Everybody’s cursing him out in the chat what a tool they’re saying what a shit move, ComicsGate, it is, what a shit move, let Ethan have it, please don’t be petty!  He won’t show his face, he’s behind a screen right now. Vox is a piece of shit can you go any lower from here? People are saying this might be the best stream we’ve ever done nice, a great time, there he is. I see you Vox! You did not start this gangster shit, Vox. He thought, he was, he’s like in one year I’m gonna be more relevant than Ethan Van Sciver. How’s that going? I mean dude not even close like if if we say so if ComicsGate says so that’s it for Alt-Hero. That’s it for Alt-Hero. 34 likes and 304 dislikes right now on the dark stream, 324 dark stream, yeah he’s peeing blood right now look you can’t, you don’t we’re not here to be taken, we’re not here to be taken Vox, you can’t co-opt us, you can’t, you can’t do it. I know you’re trying, it’s not working, give up, let it go. Oh, feel it slipping through your fingers that’s ComicsGate, bitch!

This is why 2VS doesn’t leave his streams up. He is afraid of being quoted because he so often contradicts himself and says things that he later wants to deny saying. The intriguing thing is that I’m far from the first person to notice that 2VS is two-faced. For example, a comics pro named Richard Pace observed eight months ago, “I found out the constant contempt he had for another pro at DC was troublingly two-faced.”