Code of Conduct, working as designed

Mark Kern@Grummz
I tweeted that Linux’s new code of conduct would be abused to witch hunt devs.

Right on cue, 3 or 5 devs tried to use my opposition of the code of conduct to try to accuse me of violating it.

All the while using behavior that was against the code of conduct.

I rest my case.

Mark Kern@Grummz
You can add one @ZDNet reporter to the list of witch hunters. Came after me just today.

I dunno man, I think having codes of conduct to allow mediocre programmers to police good programmers is precisely the way to move the industry into the direction of a giant bureaucracy. What could go wrong with that?

Corey @corey5135
I’ve been called out for “aggressive behavior” because I stated that I had already evaluated a suggested implementation & decided it was the wrong way to go (different project).  They were putting me in my place for daring to disagree. Last patch they got from me.

Tucker Goodrich@TuckerGoodrich
Yeah, there’s a lot Vox Day says that I don’t like, but I think his analysis of codes of conduct is spot on.

“…the Code of Conduct is working as designed when it chases off the productive members of the project”