Arkstream: The Ember War campaign

From the transcript of the Arkstream:

I’m excited about this. We we have another crowdfunding campaign that’s going on, that’s been very successful, Alt-Hero: Q, some of you are probably already backing that one, but Ember War is significant in a different way. It’s significant because this is the first time that a major science fiction writer is doing a comics-related crowdfunding and so this is potentially quite significant. Just like the original Alt-Hero, this is an experiment. The magic of crowdfunding is not that you can get people to give you a lot of money if you’re lucky, if you happen to hit the right sweet spot at the right time, the magic of crowdfunding is that it tells you where the demand is ahead of time.

And you know, we weren’t that serious about getting into comics originally. I’d had people lobbying me for three years to do it, and finally I said, “okay fine,  we’ll see if there is genuine demand for it.” As it turned out as you know there turned out to be ten times more demand for it than we ever imagined, and so this is a test, this is an experiment. If you like military science fiction, if you want to see more military science fiction turned into graphic novels, it would be a very,  very good idea to support the Ember War campaign even if you’re not familiar with either Richard Fox or the Ember War Saga. I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed because it is a really good story.