The more things change

John Trent interviewed me for Bounding Into Comics concerning our support for ComicsGate.

Bounding Into Comics (BIC): What kind of stories do you plan on featuring under this imprint?

Vox Day (Vox):  We plan on featuring any comics and graphic novels brought to us by ComicsGate-affiliated creators who wish to make public their support for ComicsGate.

BIC: Will this be a shared universe imprint like what you are doing with Arkhaven Comics and Alt-Hero?

Vox: No, this is not a shared universe. We set it up as a means of giving ComicsGaters a means of broad and reliable distribution that cannot be shut down by SJWs in the comics industry.

BIC: Do you have any creators already lined up? Who are they?

Vox: Will Caligan is the first. We do have others lined up, but I prefer not to identify them until their comics or graphic novels are ready for publication. As you know, we don’t talk much about our future products, we prefer to wait until things are ready to go before we announce them, as we have done here.

BIC: What will the first title from Will Caligan be? Can you give us any details on the story?

Vox: The print edition of Gun Ghoul. It has done very well in digital, and we expect the graphic novel will also be successful.

Read the whole thing there. The comments promise to prove amusing. Remember this sort of thing from Kotaku In Action?

Nope. Nope. Fuck Vox Day. He has been trying to worm his way into ComicsGate branding for a long time. VOX DAY IS NOT COMICSGATE.

ComicsGate wants politics OUT of comics. We do NOT want to trade SJW bullshit for his alt-right bullshit. Vox is a snake oil salesman, a demagogue, a cult of personality.


See, that’s NOT how you beat the SJWs, kiddies.