Madness is heritable

Jordan Peterson isn’t even the craziest one in his family:

Cider and not sleeping for a month is so yesteryear. Peterson’s daughter had a meal of soybeans and saw her brother turn into a demon.

Jordan’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast yesterday. Among other things, she revealed that she ate some soy and saw her brother turn into a demon (literally).

I don’t mean that as an insult, it’s a serious topic, but if they’re not lying, it’s becoming obvious that some sort of mental illness is running in the family.

Mikhaila also explained how she felt like she was having problems with acne and other skin issues in addition to 4 different serious health problems. A dermatologist then told her that she’s suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder and the skin problems are caused by excessive scratching related to that. Of course, Mrs Peterson concluded that dermatologists don’t know what they’re talking about because in her mind that diagnosis was obviously wrong.

Becoming obvious? Maps of Meaning has been out there for years! All I can say is that anyone foolish enough to listen to these obvious lunatics eminently merits whatever suboptimal outcome that ensues.