The truth wins out

Jordanetics is gradually losing its hold on people. More and more people are becoming aware that Jordan Peterson is not only a liar, he is a complete lunatic who should be in a padded cell for his own protection. And all that is required to convince them of this is repeatedly quoting Jordan Peterson’s own words from his own speeches and books at length.

  • I was highly skeptical on your attacks against Peterson for a long while. It took me awhile to come around, but when you’re right you’re right, hat’s off to you.
  • Same here. After his third or fourth Darkstream about Peterson and a few blog posts. I started realizing that he was correct.
  • I was hesitant at first to listen to Vox when he started explaining what was really going on.  I’d started to become invested in Peterson.  But the arguments and examples can’t be ignored.  I will not flinch from unpleasant truths.  Peterson being a leftist shuck and jive artist with emotional problems is one of those truths.
  • Vox you called it from the start. I think you were the first person I heard call out Peterson. I could smell something funny, but couldn’t really tell. But you knew it. And called it.
  • From what Peterson has stated: this is classic SSRI and/or benzodiazapine withdrawal, akethesia, manic psychosis. This buckaroo is having a breakdown, especially if he’s been experimenting with drugs . Bravo Vox for shining light on this fraud with a messiah complex. Someone should section 35 this clown Peterson.
  • JBP is a complete fruitcake.. You’re 100{e1b6c4ee08d0f44a6a5b11eb06b9139d63cfe72acbaefd7257f78696d447c626} right about him. Thanks for opening my eyes on that topic.
  • Damn he really is totally crazy! How are people still not seeing it when he is throwing it right out there?
  •  I thought that it was rambling, incoherent, badly written nonsense. I didn’t know it was chock full of sexual deviancy.
  • The proof Jordan Peterson is crazy is that he is STILL promoting Maps Of Meaning 2 decades after he wrote it.
  • I’m no Christian, but Day’s critiques of Peterson are accurate.
  • J Peterson is a liar and a coward

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

Okay, so now let me let me point this out: if you have a 25-day stretch of terror and impending doom and you cannot sleep for however long it was – it wasn’t 25 days, we know it wasn’t 25 days, unless of course he has actually transcended the Material Plane like L. Ron Hubbard and is now doing his work beyond the limitations of the human body – if that happens from drinking apple cider there is nothing wrong with your body, there is something wrong with your head! You are simply insane, okay?

This guy is an utter and total lunatic, but just so you understand, this is not new. I’ve been telling you that the guy is insane since I read his Maps of Meaning. Now, because I brought your attention to it, a lot of you are now familiar with the whole Jordan Peterson wants to bang his cousin and dreams about cannibalizing her while the world is ending thing. If you notice, apocalyptic doom is a consistent theme with him. All right, so this is also from Maps of Meaning, and buckle your seat belts because some of you, if you’ve read it, then you know where I’m going with this one. Trust me, if you thought the whole cousin thing was bad, just wait. Please keep in mind that I am reading from Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning.

I dreamed I saw my maternal grandmother sitting by the bank of a swimming pool, which was also a river. Her genital region was exposed dimly. It had the appearance of a thick mane of hair. She was stroking herself absentmindedly. She walked over to me with a handful of pubic hair compacted into something resembling a large artist’s paintbrush. She pushed this at my face.  I raised my arm several times to deflect her hand. Finally, unwilling to hurt her or interfere with her any further, I let her have her way. She stroked my face with the brush gently and said, like a child, isn’t it soft?

This guy has serious incest issues. Every time he’s dreaming about his female relatives, it has something to do with sex, and if you put this together with the fact that he was brought in to try to dismiss the idea that there was a official conspiracy to try to conceal some known child molesters in Canada, you know there is something very, very, very hinky going on in the Peterson family.

David Eig
Challenge him to a debate. It won’t turn out well for you Vox.

Darkstream by Vox Day
I hereby challenge Jordan Peterson to a public written debate, to be published simultaneously on my blog and the site of his choosing.

Now all of the Jordanetics cultists who have been repeatedly telling me that I should challenge him to a debate can go and pester Peterson about debating me. I’m confident they’re all going to get right on that. I’m sure they won’t make any excuses for his failure to accept the challenge.