AH:Q Day 4 update

The Alt-Hero: Q campaign is more or less on track with the original Alt-Hero campaign, which is good. We’ll be announcing a new stretch goal soon, probably for the 75k level, as soon as I work things out with the relevant parties. In the meantime, we’ve updated the content with a new b/w page 4, so be sure to check out the campaign even if you’ve already backed it.

Now that the project has been green-lit, we’ve secured the commitments of the Writer (The Legend Chuck Dixon), the Illustrator (Hélix Haze) and the Colorist (Arklight Studios) whose works were featured in the campaign, and we’re now arranging the artists for the cover art for Issues #1-6. We’ll also be using the same Letterer, who is currently putting the finishing touches on CDA #2 and AH #4.