And so it begins

The decline of the United States Marine Corps is already in full effect:

The Basic School for Marine Officers is reeling from a cheating scandal that involved six second lieutenants accused of wrongfully obtaining and sharing key grid points for the night land navigation course.

The officers were accused of sharing the grid points via text messages ­before the test and later relying on them to find hidden boxes stashed across the wooded night land ­navigation course in Quantico, Virginia, ­according to interviews with Marine Corps officials and a copy of the command investigation obtained by Marine Corps Times.

The Marine Corps considers that cheating because the students were able to complete the course without demonstrating the key skills the course aims to evaluate: conducting proper land navigation.

One guess as to why.

One of the other alleged cheaters, a female second lieutenant, with the assumed name Lt. Delta, confided in the other student she “could pass Final Night Land Navigation by plotting the boxes beforehand,” according to the command investigation. The female lieutenant spoke to Marine Corps Times on condition of anonymity.

But surely these fine Marine officers will take full responsibility for their actions and resign their commissions, right?

One of the two female officers ensnared in the ­cheating scandal, Lt. Delta, accused other TBS officers of gender discrimination during the investigation…. Before the entire land navigation situation ­happened, Lt. Delta had filed a restricted sexual ­assault allegation, in November 2017. She was ­assigned a uniformed victims advocate, another Marine who is trained and assigned to provide support to sexual assault victims. 

Of course she did. But not to worry. Since we are told that diversity makes everything stronger, I have no doubt that its manifold blessings will more than make up for officers who lack integrity, won’t take responsibility, and can’t read a map.