AHQ campaign update and more Comics-SJW lunacy

On Day 2, the AH:Q campaign is at 87 percent of green light, with $43,401 raised by 581 backers. And at the bottom of the latest MASSIVE QAnon post by Neon Revolt, he graciously closed with the following:

No promo for my stuff today (though that free shipping promo on my shirts is still going on – check the bottom of the last article for the discount code). Instead, I’m gonna plug Vox-Day’s upcoming Q-related comic (and no, he’s not paying me for this. He doesn’t even know I’m doing this). I’m plugging this because I think it’s cool, and may interest you guys. Cheers!

It will be interesting to see if the QAnon crowd embraces AH:Q or not. We’ll definitely need them to do so if we’re going to catch up to Ethan van Sciver’s Cyberfrog, which is back with a Salamandroid varient cover.

And speaking of Ethan van Sciver, I’m not sure what is outrageous, the fact that a DC artist working with Zoe Quinn on the new Vertigo line sexually harassed the former DC artist by sending him unsolicited photos of the artist’s intimate anatomy or the way in which more than a few comics SJWs have actually attempted to defend Robbi Rodriguez doing so. There is still no comment from DC regarding this, nor have they taken any public action regarding Mr. Rodriguez yet.

While Marvel’s new editor-in-chief appears to wish to at least slow down the rate at which the Big Two publishers are committing seppuku, the fact that they continue to employ people who would be fired and blackballed for life for such wildly inappropriate behavior in more professional organizations speaks considerably louder than their words.

“Marvel has always been, as Stan always said, the world outside our window,” Cebulski answered. “It’s the reflection of the modern times that we live in. Marvel has never shied away from that, around what happened with 9/11 or what we were doing with Secret Empire. And we’re going to continue that tradition. There are a couple of comics coming up of a couple comics recently that are going to reflect things that are going on in the real world.”

“However, one of the things I want to make sure is when we do tell these stories — I don’t know how to put this in the right way — they still have to be entertainment,” he continued. “If we want to see the real world, we can turn on CNN, we can turn on the TV, we can pick up a newspaper and see what’s going on there. And yes, it’s our responsibility as a comic book publisher, especially Marvel, given the history that we have, to reflect those times, but they still have to be fun. They still have to be fiction and they still have to be escapism.

“We can’t get too deep into the politics,” Cebulski finished. “And the characters can take sides, choose sides, turn evil, turn back to good, but they still have to entertain. That’s first and foremost, no matter what real-world events we are going to reflect, they are going to be fictionalized and they’re going to have the classic spin that Stan always brought to them. They will be serious, but they may make you smile.”

Translation: so, um, guys, there has to be more than just SJW preaching to the choir if we’re going to stay in business. So, can you at least, like, tone it down a little?

UPDATE: Unlike the SJW-converged comics media, Bounding Into Comics isn’t afraid to cover the news that AH:Q is the #1 trending campaign on Indiegogo. Read the whole thing there.

Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics’ Alt-Hero: Q which will be written by Chuck Dixon is currently trending #1 on IndieGoGo. Not only is the project trending #1, but it’s already received $43,896 from 590 backers in less than 48 hours.