Jordan Peterson is seriously crazy

He’s also in the process of finding out what happens when your diet is insufficiently varied, and it isn’t good. Twenty years ago, my father went on a keto kick, lost 20 pounds, and proceeded to go overboard with it. I expect Peterson’s reaction is going to be even worse because he’s already a complete lunatic:

Jordan Peterson explained how Mikhaila’s experience had convinced him to eliminate everything but meat and leafy greens from his diet, and that in the last two months he had gone full meat and eliminated vegetables. Since he changed his diet, his laundry list of maladies has disappeared, he told Rogan. His lifelong depression, anxiety, gastric reflux (and associated snoring), inability to wake up in the mornings, psoriasis, gingivitis, floaters in his right eye, numbness on the sides of his legs, problems with mood regulation—all of it is gone, and he attributes it to the diet.

“I’m certainly intellectually at my best,” he said. “I’m stronger, I can swim better, and my gum disease is gone. It’s like, what the hell?”

“Do you take any vitamins?” asked Rogan.

“No. No, I eat beef and salt and water. That’s it. And I never cheat. Ever. Not even a little bit.”

“No soda, no wine?”

“I drink club soda.”

“Well, that’s still water.”

“Well, when you’re down to that level, no, it’s not, Joe. There’s club soda, which is really bubbly. There’s Perrier, which is sort of bubbly. There’s flat water, and there’s hot water. Those distinctions start to become important.”

Peterson reiterated several times that he is not giving dietary advice, but said that many attendees of his recent speaking tour have come up to him and said the diet is working for them. The takeaway for listeners is that it worked for Peterson, and so it may work for them. Rogan also clarified that though he is also not an expert, he is fascinated by the fact that he hasn’t heard any negative stories about people who have started the all-meat diet.

“Well, I have a negative story,” said Peterson. “Both Mikhaila and I noticed that when we restricted our diet and then ate something we weren’t supposed to, the reaction was absolutely catastrophic.” He gives the example of having had some apple cider and subsequently being incapacitated for a month by what he believes was an inflammatory response.

“You were done for a month?”

“Oh yeah, it took me out for a month. It was awful …”

“Apple cider? What was it doing to you?”

“It produced an overwhelming sense of impending doom. I seriously mean overwhelming. There’s no way I could’ve lived like that. But see, Mikhaila knew by then that it would probably only last a month.”

“A month? From fucking cider?”

“I didn’t sleep that month for 25 days. I didn’t sleep at all for 25 days.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“I’ll tell you how it’s possible: You lay in bed frozen in something approximating terror for eight hours. And then you get up.”

The longest recorded stretch of sleeplessness in a human is 11 days, witnessed by a Stanford research team.

What an utterly ridiculous liar. Not only has Jordan Peterson redefined Jesus, and God, and truth, he is now redefining WATER! And did you notice that Peterson is always in a state of terror? Why on Earth does anyone listen to a madman who by rights should be locked up in an insane asylum?

On the plus side, the Jordan Peterson Experience only going to get weirder and more entertaining as he goes off his meds and comes under increasing scrutiny and psychological pressure. It will be interesting to see how far his fans will be willing to follow him into his madness.

Now, do you remember when the vast majority of you insisted that Jordan Peterson was a good man who was just helping so many people, and you couldn’t figure out why I was criticizing him? If you were one of those people, then you should really learn to trust the instincts of those who have more accurate BS detectors than you do. For example, over the years I’ve learned to trust Spacebunny’s crazy radar; she has repeatedly and unerringly ID’d women who are charming on the surface and later turn out to be total lunatics inside from the most casual of conversations. It’s accurate to the point that I don’t even question her judgment anymore.