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If there are any small skeletons in Jordan Peterson’s closet, Saint Chan will find them:

Just in case no one let you know already, Jordan Peterson is getting researched in the Qanon board and it includes references to your videos.

I won’t be even a little bit surprised if something deeply sketchy surfaces once the chans dig deep enough. The man’s guilt is literally etched on his face. I don’t know what it is that he feels so guilty about, but this might be an indication.

Pedophile ring theory in Cornwall, Ont., will likely continue to swirl
16/12/2009 7:08 PM

TORONTO – It’s been more than 10 years since allegations that a pedophile ring operated in eastern Ontario first made national headlines.

And long after the dust has settled from the tome that is the Cornwall inquiry report some will continue to believe in a conspiracy to cover-up the truth, experts and observers say.

Commissioner G. Normand Glaude concluded Tuesday that children were sexually abused by people in positions of authority and that public institutions failed victims by mishandling complaints dating back to the 1960s.

But many were looking to him to lay to rest a more sinister explanation for those events, that it was the work of a pedophile ring and a cover-up that reached all the way to the Attorney General’s office was at play.

He did not, saying in his 1600-page report that he would not make an unequivocal statement about the theory either way.

For some, it may not have mattered.

An explanation that to some appears to debunk a conspiracy theory just further confirms others’ suspicions, said University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson.

“It’s very difficult to disprove a conspiracy theory, because every bit of disproving evidence can be just written off as additional evidence that these conspirators are particularly intelligent and sneaky,” he said.

Conspiracy theories are usually started by people who are very untrusting and it gathers steam among others who are somewhat untrusting, Peterson said.

They’re psychologically compelling because they neatly tie together troubling facts or assertions, he said. When things go badly there are often many explanations, and an orchestrated conspiracy “should be pretty low on your list of plausible hypotheses,” Peterson said.

“A good rule of thumb is: Don’t presume malevolence where stupidity is sufficient explanation,” he said.

“Organizations can act badly and things can fall apart without any group of people driving that.”

While Glaude made no definitive statements about a ring, he declared there was not a conspiracy by several institutions to cover up the existence of any such operation, rather that agency bungling left that impression.

But we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that an array of government officials and agents have been conspiring against Trump. We have the emails and text messages. We know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Vatican hierarchy conspired for decades to protect its gay pedophile priests. We have the indictments, confessions, admissions, and apologies. So, how does malevolence somehow cancel out stupidity?

And more importantly, why was this particular psychologist brought in to dismiss the idea of both a pedophile ring and a coverup even when the criminal abuse of children had been confirmed? Dismissing these things appears to be a subject of some interest to him.

Given Jordan Peterson’s massive guilt complex and his observed inability to answer the question about his belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, taking him down might be as easy as simply asking him on camera if he has ever a) had incestuous relations with anyone in his extended family or b) had sexual contact with a minor. Again, I don’t know what it is that Peterson feels so guilty about, why he feels he has to save humanity in order to expiate whatever sin or crime it is that he committed, but there appears to be something that is tearing him apart from the inside.

Remember the heuristic: anyone who claims stupidity is sufficient explanation for malevolence is in league with the malevolent.

UPDATE: Oh, Sweet Saint Solomon Kane! Apparently it’s been sitting right out in the open all along.

Psychology professor Jordan Peterson explains the method small children start to explore the world – quite similar to the voyages of Star Trek. This excerpt is part of his comprehensive lecture “2017 Maps of Meaning 9: Patterns of Symbolic Representation” at the University of Toronto:

Jordan B Peterson@jordanbpeterson
Sept 1, 2017
I’m a bad guy but I’m trying not to be and that’s fucking something…. 

You don’t say…

UPDATE: Apparently Peterson failed to notice the pedophiles right at his own university. Or a ring of 1750 of them who were in contact with his colleague at the University of Toronto.