No hills worth defending

Words that could be engraved on the Conservative Movement’s tombstone:

Many on the left and the right gave a loud cheer last week when Alex Jones was banished from Facebook. Twitter later suspended him. While it is not surprising to see the jackals on the left cheer at the burning of books, one would hope folks on the right would look in the mirror and realize their time is coming soon. The leftists will not stop (and did not stop) at nutty Alex Jones, because they do not think you are much different from him. You rightly think your belief in immigration enforcement is much different than his disgusting conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook. But you must understand the left thinks you are both equally vile. They just knew Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run. Next they’re coming for you.

But we didn’t get a unified message of support from the pinky-out people on the right. We were scolded for defending Jones. They sang so sweetly into the left’s ears: “Alex Jones is icky. And there is no slippery slope. And you should frankly be censored anyway, if you don’t at least have a Master’s degree.”

The same people who ceded control of public education, the federal bureaucracy, the media, movies, and music to the left have once again found another hill not worth dying on. “It’s only social media,” they say. Yeah, fear not. Around 2.5 billion people use Facebook and Twitter. What’s the worst that can happen if we just let the left have them?

In fairness, conservatives have not defended the national economy, the national borders, or even the ladies rooms. So, it’s really not surprising that they aren’t willing to defend Alex Jones.

This is why the Alternative Right is inevitable. It is the only real resistance to the Left. Conservatives have turned out to be as Fake Right as Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler. When Jonah Goldberg talked about “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”, he was projecting on behalf of conservatives, although I suppose “beer-drinking surrender monkeys” would be a more accurate description.