Germany is “a nation of immigrants” too

The German – or rather, Immigrant – President declares there are “no biological Germans”.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has declared Germany “is a nation of immigrants and will remain so”, asserting: “There are no half or whole Germans, no biological or ‘new’ Germans”.

Speaking at Berlin’s Bellevue Palace, where a small group of people with Turkish heritage had been invited to share their views on immigration, integration, and xenophobia in Europe, the German president strongly denounced “exclusion of and discrimination against people with foreign roots”.

Telling guests of his regret at hearing people with migration backgrounds report incidents which they claimed made them feel they don’t belong in the country, Steinmeier claimed prejudice undermines “all the things we have done together as a country”.

“There are no Germans who are ‘on probation’ and having to earn their rights in society again and again because their [citizenship] could be revoked on the basis of alleged misconduct,” the president said, insisting that there are “no half or whole, no biological or ‘new’ Germans; there are no first- or second-class citizens, no right or wrong neighbours”.

This tends to raise an obvious question. If the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, and now Germany are all “nations of immigrants”, to what nation do all of these immigrants originally belong?

I mean, obviously there cannot be any “German-Americans” or “Swedish-Americans” now that we know there have never been any biological German or Swedish nation.