Swan Knight Saga decision

The vote of the Swan Knight Saga backers went as follows:

  • 198: Publish the comics however you think best
  • 168: Publish the black-and-white comics
  • 058: Publish the stylized color comics
  • 004: Cancel the project and return as much of the money as possible

So, we are going to publish them in black-and-white inkwash, which may actually turn out to be a variegated color wash that should look really great. An example of the selected artist’s work in this format can be seen below, and I’m pleased to be able to announce that he enthusiastically agreed to come on board for the project after reading the script for the first issue. This option will also permit us to get the covers properly colored within the original budget.

I very much appreciate those who offered to increase their backing in order to expand our options, but we would definitely prefer that support go to the upcoming AH:Q campaign. We have already offered refunds to the four backers who voted to cancel the project. Will Caligan is quite pleased with the solution to the situation; he very much appreciates your support and Dark Legion will soon be publishing several of his projects.

Since we’re talking comics, there is some reason to suspect that the smaller form factor which has proved popular with readers since it allows us to hit the $2.99 mark may be difficult for comic book stores to carry. While the readers love the lower price, the comic book stores actually tend to prefer higher prices since it increases their margin. We are therefore considering adding 7×10 premium versions with alternate covers for the Alt-Hero line. If you’re an Arkhaven reader, would you prefer a) $3.99 premium with the same 50-lb paper or b) $4.99 premium with 70-lb paper? The $2.99 versions will still be produced either way.

Also, FYI, the gold logo print edition of Alt-Hero #3 will be available from Arkhaven Direct later today.