Mailvox: Saint Gamma

The email I received this morning was truly astonishing. It’s not the only one like this I’ve ever received, but I thought it was remarkable for its combination of clueless narcissism and Christian virtue-signaling.

Hello Vox. I found your utube channel and find you very interesting. I like what you have been saying in your podcasts. I will tell you more about me but first I have two questions I must ask you. Please give at least a paragraph long answers to each of my questions.

 1. Who do you say Jesus Christ is?
 2. What did he do at the Cross of Calvary and why?

I think If you don’t get Jesus right, then nothing you say about any other subject matter can be trusted.  I guess that is my litmus test of truth and trust. I will reply after your answer.

My response: I’m not a performing monkey. I’m not looking for a reply from you nor do I want to hear any more from you. 

Let’s just say that was neither the first nor the second nor the third response that immediately sprang to mind, none of which were printable. Seriously, what is wrong with some people? If my responses, public or private, occasionally strike you as curt or even rude, I hope you will keep in mind that you don’t see even one-twentieth of the emails I receive.

Needless to say, he completely ignored my explicit lack of interest in hearing from him and sent a subsequent email:

I think you just answered my question. You are not a Christain, because any true believer in Christ would not hesitate to answer, or not know the answers to my simple questions. You are super smart, yes, but you are lost my friend. You may have been burned by Religion, that is man made and sucks, but you do not have a relationship with the son of God, Jesus Christ. If your soul has not already been corrupted by the evil one, I challenge you to go some place alone in the wild for days, like your American Indian ancestors did on their vision quest, and pray, scream and challenge the God of the Holy Bible to use his Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you man enough to do that? My message has been passed to you. My work done. You will not hear from me again.

Anyone want to take that bet?