Pizza and the Pope

Speaking of pedophilia scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, thanks to Q, the Infinite Intelligence Agency has finally managed to make the connection between the notorious Podesta paintings from Pizzagate and the Vanderbilt family, as well as a very strange sartorial connection to the Pope. There is also a political angle:

Now we know, thanks to WikiLeaks. Two batches of documents — one leaked this month, one in August — show that top-level Democrats and their allies have successfully infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to advance their social agenda. The two key players are John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, who is an extremely liberal Catholic, and George Soros, the left-wing billionaire philanthropist, who is an atheist.

In August, WikiLeaks published a report by Soros’s US Opportunities Fund on the $650,000 it spent on Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to the United States. Working through left-wing faith groups, the Fund planned a ‘buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages in order to begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope’. For ‘aligned with the Pope’, read ‘Democrat-friendly’. The Fund wants to tilt the balance of power against conservative prelates such as Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. Chaput is indeed out of favour with Francis — but he’s even more disliked by Democrats, having just denounced Hillary Clinton as a ‘scheming, robotic liar’ and Podesta’s Catholics United as ‘creatures of a political machine’.

It’s apparently weirder and worse than that, though. Much weirder. And much worse. It certainly explains the uncharacteristic implacability of the God-Emperor and the entire team around him as well as the bizarre determination of the media to claim Pizzagate was “debunked” from the very start, though.

I wonder how many of those bishops “aligned with the Pope” are going to turn up in reports similar to the one recently released by the state grand jury in Pennsylvania? Meanwhile, silence reigns at the Vatican:

The Vatican has declined to respond to an explosive grand jury report detailing decades of sexual abuse and cover-ups by priests and bishops in Pennsylvania, refusing even to say whether church officials in Rome have read the damaging documents.

“We have no comment at this time,” Paloma Ovejero, deputy director of the Vatican’s press office, said Wednesday.

But in the United States and elsewhere, pressure is mounting on Pope Francis to address a rapidly escalating crisis that has spread across several continents, from Australia to Latin America. In the United States, both liberal and conservative Catholics displayed a rare unity in pressing the Pope to respond to the Pennsylvania grand jury report.