Strike one, strike two…

I’m sorry, but I simply can’t find the energy to pretend to be either surprised or outraged when SJWs do what SJWs do whenever they have amenable authorities to whom they can appeal. It isn’t as if we haven’t been amply warned, after all. Stefan Molyneux is the latest target:

Within 24 hours, my @YouTube channel has received two community guidelines strikes – likely as a result of a mass flagging campaign – and is now on the verge of total deletion. Please respectfully contact @TeamYouTube and alert them to this injustice.

Team YouTube is not concerned with justice. Team YouTube is concerned with victory. This is why the Right has to build its own platforms. The bigger and more successful you are, the more the Left wants you off their platforms, regardless of what you have done or not done. No amount of rhetoric and emotional pleading is going to dissuade them.

Almost immediately after returning from a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, and after getting my final all-clear cancer checkup, the YouTube strikes against Freedomain Radio – the world’s most popular philosophy show – began.

Apparently, I had “violated community standards” by publishing a short video last year entitled “The Death of White Males,” which discussed the decline in life expectancy for white males, in part due to the opioid crisis.

The next day, Wednesday, I awoke to another strike, this time for a discussion I had with UK journalist Katie Hopkins. Now, as I write this, two other Freedomain Radio videos have been set to ‘Private’ by YouTube and locked. One was called “What Pisses Me Off About the YouTube Child Sex Scandal,” and the other was a chat I had with Tom Golden, a psychotherapist and the author of “Helping Mothers be Closer to Their Sons: Understanding the Unique World of Boys” and “The Way Men Heal.”

I have poured 12 years of my life into my YouTube channel, with thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and hundreds of millions of views. In particular, I am proud of promoting Peaceful Parenting, convincing countless parents to stop hitting their children, and start negotiating instead.

As it stands, I am unable to publish to YouTube for two weeks. Today my channel hangs by a thread and could be destroyed at any moment. Whether it survives is not up to me, since I have always striven to tell the truth. The future of philosophy is now up to YouTube, and it is up to you.

You can help me, Freedomain Radio, philosophy and the world by letting YouTube know what you think. Please do so firmly, politely and respectfully by contacting @TeamYouTube.

This is a time for community action. YouTube is making a terrible mistake, but it’s not too late to save philosophy. Please act now – tomorrow may be too late.

If the future of philosophy is up to YouTube, then philosophy is dead. Cerno is right.

Big channels with massive videos are under target. It never stops with Alex and it won’t stop with Stefan. People are going to start flagging left wing channels, too. The new form of communication in America isn’t sharing ideas, it’s spending time shutting down others.

Warning the Left about consequences never being the same has never worked. The answer is the same as it was in 2015: build your own platforms and keep the SJWs out. That’s why the Darkstream and Voxiversity are both available on BitChute.

This is why the big guns of the Right should have been participating in building up the alternative institutions rather than focusing on expanding their reach on compromised platforms.