DC is racing Marvel in a contest of who can completely converge their film and TV properties first. I’d say DC has taken the lead at the moment. The bad news is that they actually added a white character to Supergirl. The good news is that she is a he.

The panel named transgender activist Nicole Maines (Royal Pains, The Trans List, Becoming Nicole book) joining the show in the series regular role of Nia Nal, aka Dreamer. The newest addition to the CatCo reporting team, she is described as a soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others, Nia’s journey this season means fulfilling her destiny as the superhero Dreamer (much like Kara came into her own as Supergirl).

In addition,  the series will be joined by series regular April Parker Jones (Jericho, The Last Ship) as Colonel Haley, a hardline career military woman who lives and dies by the orders of her commanding officers. Dedicated to her country, she always acts in its best interest — even if it’s not her own.

And David Ajala (Doctor Who, Nightflyers, The Dark Knight), who will recur as Manchester Black, based on the DC character created by Joe Kelly, described as the type of guy who brings a knife to a gunfight and still walks away the winner. With a dark past, he easily deflects the brutality of his mission with his charm and sense of humor.

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