Time to go, Theresa

Hard Brexit is looking better and better thanks to the machinations of the stealth Remainers:

Theresa May faces a deepening political crisis as a poll showed voters oppose her Brexit plans – and are ready shift to the hard right.

Just 12 per cent said the compromise solution being championed by the PM would be good for Britain.

In a particularly stinging finding, the research found that twice as many people thought Boris Johnson would do a better job in Downing Street.

Mrs May is battling to hold the Tories together as she desperately scrambles to put together a deal with the EU. Mr Johnson and David Davis both quit Cabinet after the premier forced through a compromise plan through at a Chequers summit for ministers a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile, Mr Davis has waded back into the row by urging Mrs May to rip up her plans altogether and start again. The proposals also do not appeared to have delivered the breakthrough with the EU that Mrs May had hoped – as fears rise of a no-deal Brexit. Michel Barnier gave the plans short shrift a a brutal press conference on Friday, suggesting they would be unacceptable.

According to a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, just 12 per cent of the public think the Chequers plan would be good for Britain, while 43 per cent disagree. Around 38 per cent would vote for a new party on the right that was committed to Brexit. Some 24 per cent would be prepared to support an explicitly far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party.

The Alt-Right is the only Right and it is inevitable. Everywhere.