Darkstream: digital editions

Darkstream: I am the new Marvel supervillain. A clarification for the Alt★Hero backers was requested via email by a backer.

Just a note for future reference; you may or may not feel the need to make a clarification now. In your latest Darkstream, I am the new Marvel supervillain, around the 34:45 mark you mention the backers will receive all 24 digital editions of Alt Hero and Avalon.

The crowdfunding campaign as you know lists this for the $15 digital reader and all levels above that: “This is to receive the first six volumes of Alt★Hero and the first three volumes of Alt★Hero: Avalon in digital format when they are complete.”

I always understood this to be 9 digital editions for $15 which is a helluva deal.  However, now I’m questioning if those volumes were originally 48 pages and were each split in two, would it then be 12 volumes and 6 volumes for a total of 18? That is to the point of almost being overly generous; 24 editions for $15 would truly be preposterous.

Anyhow the best news I heard all day was that Dixon has already written 12 editions of Avalon.

I had originally envisioned 48-page digital volumes before discovering, post-campaign, that we could produce affordable 24-page print editions. So, each volume is now two issues. I also neglected to update the $15 Digital Reader reward to reflect the fact that three more volumes (six more issues) of Chuck Dixon’s Avalon were funded. But it was always my intention to provide the Digital Reader backers with all the volumes that were funded by the campaign.

So, to be clear, all Alt★Hero backers will be receiving the first 12 digital issues of Alt★Hero as well as the first 12 digital issues of Chuck Dixon’s Avalon for free. Preposterous deal or not, the entire Arkhaven team is deeply appreciative of the support Alt★Hero has received, and continues to receive, from the backers and newer supporters of the comics. The foundation we are collectively building is going to be strong enough to support an Arkhaven Comics Universe that will, in time, be capable of taking on both the Marvel and DC empires successfully. But we proceed judiciously, one step at a time.

However, I did misspeak about Mr. Dixon’s progress on writing the scripts for CDA and the usual volume/issue confusion is to blame. Mr. Dixon has actually finished the scripts for the first six ISSUES. CDA #1 will be completed tomorrow and will be going out to backers this week, CDA #2 is illustrated and is now being colored, and Frank Fosco is illustrating CDA #3 now. AH #2 will be available in gold logo print edition next week and AH#3 is being colored.

In non-comics news, Wardogs Inc. #3: Metal Monsters will be out this week and Jack Posobiec’s 4D Warfare will be out later this month as will John C. Wright’s Nowhither: The Drowned World.