And you thought the movies were safe

Now that Brian Bendis has achieved his goal of converging their comics, Marvel is determined to converge the movies as well. Marvel Comics Universe film guru Kevin Feige addresses diversity and Marvel’s future plans:

Kevin Feige on diversity: ‘It’s something that is necessary to continue to tell stories. You don’t want to look around the room and see everybody looks like you. It is detrimental to the project’

He adds: There are more women on the track to leadership at Marvel #ProducedBy2018

Audience question: Marvel has had men directors for its past 20 some movies. Can the next 20 feature women to balance?

Kevin Feige: I can’t promise you that all 20 future Marvel movies will have women directors, but a lot of them will

On Miss Marvel after Capitan Marvel: We wanted to get Captain Marvel out there first so that there is something for a young Muslim girl to get inspired by

 What next after Avengers IW2?  Kevin Feige says he is working on:
– Continuing stories of characters you’re familiar with
– Different incarnations of characters you know
– Introducing completely new characters you never heard of before (unless ur a comics fan)

Smells like… opportunity! And yes, we are rapidly moving towards Alt-Movies. Treatments and scripts are already being prepared, budgets are being debated, possible directors are being consulted, and we’ll have a Brainstorm to discuss these developments later this week.