What it looks like

In case you ever found it hard to understand what was meant by the 2-SD IQ gap that prevents effective communication, this comment on a recent Darkstream should help illuminate the concept for you.

I am trying my best to get to know you and figure you out.I am trying to be fair and listen to both sides. But for the life of me I am not getting it. Because what and when you are saying it is nonsense it is just a fruit salad. It just sounds like psycho babble to me to same way whatever Peterson is saying sounds like psycho babble to you. I am thinking this is one of those times it might be best I just close my eyes and ears before they are too polluted with your nonsense. From where I sit I am hearing Peterson is selling out all over the country and filling up venues with people that obviously understand and need his nonsense and will pay for it. And it is obvious to me that he might be doing something ok and right because people are trying to bring him down and stain him and ruin him for whatever nefarious reason they have. Whether it ruins or interferes with their narrative like the catholic church did back in the day when they destroyed everything that wasn’t in their book of ideas. So whether your cause is noble or not is yet to be scene and I can hear nor sense any real motive for me to be on your side to disparage the man. It just sounds like you are making things up as you go along the same way you are accusing him for doing… that’s what I am getting out of this… 

It’s a good poing. After all, how can Hitler possibly have been bad? He filled up venues all over Germany and a lot of people around the world went well out of their way to try to bring him down for whatever nefarious reason.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to legitimately be that stupid. Just the process of getting up, eating breakfast, and making the morning commute must feel like an awe-striking series of wondrous mysteries. It’s as if the guy can see the tree and see the acorn, but has no idea that they might be related somehow. And as for the crazy notion that squirrels eat trees and live in them, well, that’s clearly just psycho babble.

Jordan Peterson’s philosophy doesn’t sound like word salad to me because it is so intellectually advanced, it sounds like word salad because it is word salad.