Tommy Robinson arrested

The UK activist was arrested in Leeds, according to the Metro:

Tommy Robinson has been arrested outside a child grooming trial for allegedly breaching the peace. The co-founder of EDL livestreamed ‘reports’ from outside Leeds Crown Court for an hour this morning. He showed men entering the court on Facebook until he was approached by officers telling him to stop.

Robinson is already under a suspended sentence over contempt of court at gang rape trial in Canterbury last year. People or newspapers can be in ‘contempt of court’ when they create a ‘substantial risk’ of prejudicing on ongoing court case. It is a criminal offence that can land people in jail.

Some people have been reporting that he’s already been sentenced to 13 months, which suggests that the judge who ordered him arrested for contempt gave an order from the bench in lieu of a trial. It also tends to suggest that the UK authorities are increasingly desperate to keep the knowledge of the full extent of the immigrant rape gangs from reaching the English public.