In which I address Jordan Peterson

As you’ve probably noted, I have remained resolutely silent on the man. Tonight, at about 7:15 EST, I’m doing a Darkstream to address what I believe to be his inherent lack of intellectual honesty and integrity. Tune in via Periscope.

My analysis of the so-called “Jewish question” has been criticized by exactly the people you would expect to criticize it. I responded today with an update, making the mathematical case linking higher IQ to higher Jewish achievement properly:

In summary, his updated case is based on a false premise that is supported by inaccurate numbers which are based on irrelevant and outdated studies that never purported to claim what is being cited. It is the most intellectually shoddy case I have seen any public intellectual attempt to make since Richard Dawkins tried to prove that a religious upbringing is worse than sexual abuse in childhood by citing an apocryphal story about Alfred Hitchcock driving through Switzerland.

Peterson would have done much better to simply state that he is not free to state his opinion on the subject since he lives in Canada and is subject to Canadian anti-speech laws.