Self-serving revisionism

Steve Sailer’s most recent column on Rep. Steve King’s outrageously truthful observation about demographic realities reads almost as if it was surgically excised from Cuckservative:

Seriously, American history has been so severely retconned over the past half century that it’s apparent that most of the people gasping at King’s heresy are only vaguely aware of how humorously deluded they have become.

Countless pundits sputtered in response to King that America has always been “a nation of immigrants,” without realizing that this phrase barely existed in American discourse until it was promoted by the Anti-Defamation League’s propaganda arm in the 1960s….

The reality is that human beings are naturally concerned with their ancestors and descendants. The “nation of immigrants” hype was the work of descendants of Ellis Island immigrants understandably fictionalizing the past to make their forefathers seem more crucial in the national story than they actually were.

Every. Single. Time. Anyhow, as I have repeatedly pointed out, civic nationalism is an intrinsically self-contradictory concept constructed upon a false, self-serving historical narrative. There is nothing true about it, absolutely nothing. Everyone who subscribes to it is either deceived, historically ignorant, or lying, which is why all of its rhetoric, high-minded and soaring as it so often is, is ultimately rooted in falsehoods.

Which, of course, is why it is so easily undermined by superior nationalist rhetoric that is rooted in truth and historical facts.

  • “We all bleed red” is trumped by “So do kangaroos and iguanas.”
  • “We’re a nation of immigrants” is trumped by “You have to go back.”
  • “Our Judeo-Christian values” is trumped by “Thus spake Judeo-Christ.”
  • “Equality” is trumped by “7.6 billion Americans.”
  • “My grandparents completely assimilated” is trumped by “Assimilation and integration are adulteration.” 

We know the nationalists will win in the end because the nationalists ALWAYS win in the end. If they didn’t, the nations wouldn’t exist. So stop clinging to your false narratives, your self-serving revisionist histories, your deceptive adjective-modified nouns, your Not-American Americans, and accept the truth.

Civic nationalism is no more nationalism than social justice is justice. It is just another stealth globalist attack on national identity and sovereignty.