Happy Thanksgiving!

First, I know you’re all feeling grateful to Squanto and the Great Chief Massasoit today, so on behalf of the American Indians, you’re welcome. Enjoy the turkey, the pie, and the manifold blessings of the Almighty God.

Second, there are a number of things for which I am grateful this year.

  • The health of my family. 
  • President-Elect Donald Trump
  • The advice of Mike Cernovich
  • The Castalia House authors, particularly my fellow Indian and co-author, John Red Eagle.
  • The readers who support the Castalia House authors so fervently
  • The Original Galaxians
  • The Brainstormers – don’t worry, we’re getting active again soon, so strap in your seatbelts
  • The Infogalactic Council and techstars. We have a great team coming together there.
  • My social media allies: Mike, Milo, Stefan, Roosh, Andrew, and the Deconverger.
  • The Alt-Right. Never mind the occasional bumps. History is, quite literally, on our side.
  • The Castalia team. I’ve never seen or been part of a more relentlessly productive team.
  • The VFM and the Dread Ilk, who are, deservedly, more widely dreaded than ever.

2016 has been amazing. We’ve seen site traffic double. We’ve seen the God-Emperor ascending. We’ve seen the Alt-Right rise. We’ve witnessed the birth of Infogalactic and the Alt-Tech. Many of you have been a part of one or more of those things, but before we congratulate ourselves on them, let us not forget to be grateful to the Creator God who gave us the gifts of creativity and free will required to make those things happen.