Not a disavowal

Or at least, not the disavowal one might think. It turns out the God-Emperor Ascendant’s “disavowal of the Alt-Right” is considerably more limited than the media is portraying. How very surprising that the mainstream media’s precision in this regard should turn out to be, shall we say, just a little misleading:

UNKNOWN: Mr. President-elect, I wanted to ask you, there was a conference this past weekend in Washington of people who pledged their allegiance to Nazism.

TRUMP: Boy, you are really into this stuff, huh?

PRIEBUS: I think we answered that one right off the bat.

UNKNOWN: Are you going to condemn them?

TRUMP: Of course I did, of course I did.

PRIEBUS: He already did.

UNKNOWN: Are you going to do it right now?

TRUMP: Oh, I see, maybe you weren’t here. Sure. Would you like me to do it here? I’ll do it here. Of course I condemn. I disavow and condemn.

There you have it. Donald Trump condemns and disavows Nazis. I believe I can accurately speak for the vast majority of the global nationalist Right when I say: BFD. A defunct, defeated, and outdated German political program has literally nothing to do with everyone who doesn’t wear swastika panties.

The interesting question, of course, as Roger Stone points out, is: who is UNKNOWN?

Anyhow, if you’re Alt-Right, you don’t attend NPI conferences, and you haven’t “pledged allegiance to Nazism”, you need not concern yourself with it. The God-Emperor still loves you and America.