I do not disavow

Roosh makes a strong statement about Richard Spencer:

Richard Spencer, head of the NPI Institute, was attacked by the media in the last week because attendees at his recent weekend conference did a Roman/Hitler salute. This caused a schism in the alt right, where more moderate voices condemned Spencer’s actions and splintered off into a “new right” or “alt light” group. Looking back on the episode with full hindsight, I believe it was a strategic mistake to side with the media and not assist Spencer, no matter how strongly you disagreed with his actions….

The proper response when the fake news tells you you’re a Nazi is to say “Fuck you.” The proper response to when they call you a racist is “So what?” The proper response when they call you a rapist is to say, “I certainly wouldn’t rape you.” The only way we can take away the power from these terms is to not immediately deny you are one. If a crazy old bag lady approaches you on the subway and loudly says you are a murderer, would you take the time to deny it? No, you would laugh and say, “Get out of my way, you crazy bitch.” This is how we must react when the media confronts us, because if you don’t have a fear of being called a Nazi, racist, or rapist, the power of the media establishment will quickly diminish.

That doesn’t mean that Spencer did not commit an unforced error. We have to agree that Spencer’s decision to let in the media and frame the conference any way they saw fit was a considerable mistake, but not one I will eternally hold against him. He is not an establishment talking head that has been “groomed” to be good with the media, and his first major interview was less than a month ago. I was a media newbie too. I got shellacked when I went on Dr. Oz and got embarrassed by the Daily Mail when they showed up to my parents house until I finally understood the game and humiliated the media myself in a press conference. I’m sure I will make a mistake in the future, since I am not a media professional who does interviews every month, and I hope my allies don’t disavow me because of it.

After Spencer’s gaffe, I’m seeing a lot of messages online that the alt right “brand” is done for, and that their movement is dead. Back in February, I said their movement has peaked, but I underestimated them, and those today saying the alt right is dead are also wrong. They will lick their wounds and get stronger, because they don’t need the media and they don’t need Trump. Their sales pitch of “America will be better with only white people” is too seductive for marginalized white men to resist, and in spite of their obsession with race, there is intellect and truth-telling underneath it. They have blind spots, but they have fewer blind spots than other movements, and for that reason I think they will have increasing cultural influence in the next five years for men who want an external fix to their problems instead of an internal one like I aim to provide. The Spencer debacle is a painful but necessary teaching moment for them.

Now that the schism has taken place, men like Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, and Stefan Molyneux have a clear path to the top as part of their “new right” platform. There is no Nazi taint to hold them back. Within a couple years time, as long as their output is consistent, they will have a massive bullhorn to reach millions of conservatives. It will be fascinating to watch these men become the “new mainstream” as the old media order fades away.

Roosh knows better than anyone what it feels like to be under media assault. I have never seen anyone attacked so viciously in the media, and to make it worse, with so little cause. And he’s right to say that we should not disavow anyone under media pressure, because that is nothing more than their usual game of divide-and-conquer.

Anyhow, it is good to see that Roosh is a man of integrity. It has been fascinating to see him evolve from petty pick-up artist to an increasingly impressive philosopher.

That being said, I don’t believe there is a genuine schism, because the Alt-Lite has never been, and will never be, the Alt-Right proper. It is, rather, a large pool of newly awakened conservatives and liberals who are only beginning to shed the lies of the propaganda in which they have been steeped for their entire lives. Also, it is neither disavowing nor attacking someone to criticize a specific action they have taken. I’ve been criticized by my social media allies before, and while it wasn’t public, it was certainly every bit as direct as most of the criticism that has been directed at Spencer. The criticism was justified, I appreciated the criticism, and most importantly, I learned from it and adapted my behavior according to their advice.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Alt-Lite to Alt-White spectrum has been the ability of the various parties to bury the hatchet and avoid the virulent divisions that the media, and occasionally, some of the followers, would like to see. Everyone is excited about the ascension of the God-Emperor Trump, so it should not be surprising that a few of us managed to go a little overboard, after all, we have had far too political successes to celebrate for most of our lives. But the tide is turning, so it is time to learn how to discipline ourselves and be prepared for the larger-scale challenges to come.

The forces that have produced the Alt-Right are still at work across the West. They are growing stronger, the stresses on the unity of the international elites are growing, as are the explosive pressures on the popular unity of the various nation-states. What many find unnecessary, impossible, or even unthinkable, will come to be seen as the only possible route forward before long. And when they do, it will fall to those of us who have seen the patterns and trends evolve to do what we can to ensure that there are powerful voices of reason to be heard amidst the madness.

I expect Mike, Paul Joseph, and Stefan to continue to ascend to the top too, but not due to any avoidance of a nonexistent taint of a long-dead German political philosophy, but for the reason that is written on the bottom of this blog every day. The times are changing. The rules are changing. The game is changing.