SJWs: #GamerGate is a Nazi rally!

It’s really remarkable how many of these Nazi Rapist movements pervade the creative arts. I mean, we have been reliably informed that the Sad Puppies are neo-Nazis, the Rabid Puppies are neo-Nazis, Roosh has assembled a band of rapists around the world, and now CometCon has cancelled a #GamerGate panel including well-known Spanish #GamerGate Life artist Kukuruyo because Nazi. Kukuruyo explains:

Ok, i’ll explain as best as i can. The event Cometcon wanted to organize a debate about gamergate, and i was the main proponent. I wrote a text here about a month ago looking for people to participate in the debate so you may already know this.

The debate was at first going to be with several people invited to disscuss about it, but we didn’t find anyone against GG who wanted to participate. So we changed it to a small introductory talk, and then i would debate people from the public.

But then, a spanish webcomic artist known as RataUnderground (he does a comic called art 88/46) discovered it and sent them an email telling them we were going to do a nazi rally, that we were sexist and all the usual stuff. His fans and artist friends also talked the organization asking them to cancel the debate. *aparently it was not an email but a tweet telling them we are a harrassment campaign against feminists and then comments flowed from there until the “nazi rally” stuff.

Now, the organization is not really at fault. I know many of them, they wanted to do the debate, and they don’t like the attack on freedom of speech, but they also didn’t expected the backlash they would get, and they wanted to stay out of politics.

Following that i wrote to some of those artist in twitter to reprimand them for taking down the debate instead of debating me. I have asked all of them why they want to take down the debate instead of refuting me, if what we say is so easy to refute, but none of them seem to have an answer for that.

There’s a shitstorm right now on my twitter feed about that, with people from GG discussing with their fans and friends, but as you may guess, it’s all in spanish. But i can tell you that it’s going as usuall. Instead of arguments, they just say that we are misogynist and nazis, and that’s it. There’s a few people i have managed to debate a bit, but with no avail. Every time i refuted something they said they just moved goalposts and thats it. We even offered to make a skype debate to one of them, who was a journalist, but he refused because we were not important people oO.

Notice how the SJW tactics never, ever change? SJWs always lie. Perhaps it is time for GamerGate and other anti-SJW movements to begin their own con, from which SJWs are explicitly and specifically excluded.

I’ll talk to Mike and Milo. Perhaps instead of another GG meetup, we’ll discuss founding #GamerGateCon.