Super Tuesday results

This is your open thread for posting them here and discussing them. It sounds like the only real question is if Cruz can hang onto Texas, but we’ll see. The best live results site is Decision Desk.

The Lone Star State has the biggest cache — 222 Democratic delegates and 155 for Republicans. 

And perhaps no candidate is fighting harder for that prize than Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. The senator went all out on Monday, holding rallies in voter-rich Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in hopes of at least defeating national front-runner Donald Trump in Cruz’s home state.

“We are going to have a very good Super Tuesday,” Cruz assured the Dallas crowd. Cruz has maintained a polling lead in the state, but knows a surprise loss there could doom his campaign. 

For Republicans, the second-biggest prize is Georgia, with 76 delegates at stake. Both Trump and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio put in face time with voters Monday in the final hours before polls open, while Cruz stayed rooted in Texas.  

If you voted in the primary, feel free to mention what the general impression of your local polling place was.

UPDATE: Trump very nearly swept. They’ve now called Virginia, so Rubio isn’t going to win anything. Cruz couldn’t grab Oklahoma, but he did hang onto Texas.